About Us


Promote the growth of Irvine Tech ecosystem and foster a founder base economy.

Tech Week is brought to you through a collaborative partnership with The City of Irvine, Irvine Company, FivePoint, Sunstone Management, Irvine Tech Hub, OC Startup Council and University Lab Partners, Beckman Institute and SVB.

“Irvine Tech Week is signaling to the start-up community that Irvine is the premiere location for those looking to engage in the founder and creator economy,” said Irvine Vice Mayor Kim. “As we look to the future, it is imperative that we ensure our city remains economically strong, which includes fostering our start-up ecosystem.”
Tammy Kim, Irvine Vice Mayor
“Irvine Tech Week’s main objective is to give early-stage entrepreneurs a map of resources available to them in Irvine. This week gives entrepreneurs a chance to meet founders who’ve been there and done that, join a Startup Weekend, or have face-to-face time with local VCs and Angels,” said Melinda Kim, Executive Director of PeopleSpace. “It’s here to inspire and unlock the potential of our entrepreneurs.” PeopleSpace is a 501(C)(3) educational non-profit organization and one of the primary organizers of Irvine Tech Week.
Melinda Kim, Executive Director, PeopleSpace
“The City of Irvine is a great place for entrepreneurs and investors to create the future,” said Sunstone Management CEO John Keisler, “and events like this create community and connect people with the resources they need to make their hopes and dreams a reality.”
John Keisler, Sunestone Management CEO